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The Rise of Pronetarians


About the authors



Chapter 1 - Pronetarians of all countries, unite!

see folder of Chapter 1

The crisis of traditional media fuels the rise of Pronetarians

Power and influence of the media system

Blogs and interactive media encroach on the influence of infocapitalists 



Chapter 2 - From the Origins of the Internet to the Pronetarians taking Power

see folder of Chapter 2

The origins

The Internet: disruption, convergence and relations

Three pioneers of the Internet revolution

The Internet and models from biology: a Darwinian evolution

New weapons for Pronetarians: the explosive growth of P2P, wikis, blogs and podcasting



Chapter 3 - Pronetarian Tools & Practices

see folder of Chapter 3

RSS: Ariadne's thread between blogs and beyond

Television, video and Pronetarian publishing

WiFi and innovative portable devices as critical enablers

Emerging Pronetarian power

Skype and free global communications: telephony's second birth

Free "glocal" media: the advent of podcasting and P2P television



Chapter 4 - From the Networks of Power to the Power of Networks

see folder of Chapter 4

Pronetarian influence shifts a balance of power based on scarcity of access

From the management of scarcity to the management of profusion



Chapter 5 - The Empire Strikes Back and the Pronetarians Respond

see folder of Chapter 5

Survival strategy 1: fighting the rise of Pronetarians

Survival strategy 2: ignoring the rise of Pronetarians

Survival strategy 3: minimizing Pronetarian practices and tools

Reactions to the Majors' approach

Fighting a losing battle



Chapter 6 - Inventing the Future of Pronetarian Media

Real-time reliability and info-ethics


Chapter 7 - The Advent of the Global Brain



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